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Exhibition Showcase

Discover a diverse range of exhibitors at the "FamFest" in Malaysia, each offering unique products and services tailored for families. From family-friendly resorts and educational institutions to health and wellness services, parenting resources, and children's brands, our exhibitors are here to enhance your family's well-being and enjoyment. Explore the latest trends in children's clothing and toys, sample delicious family-friendly foods, and discover innovative gadgets and technologies designed to enrich family life. Join us and connect with exhibitors who are dedicated to supporting and enriching the lives of families like yours.

Family-friendly Resorts and Hotels

Showcase family vacation packages, amenities, and activities suitable for families traveling with children.

Educational Institutions

Highlight educational programs, schools, and extracurricular activities for children of all ages.

Health and Wellness Services

Offer information on family health services, wellness programs, and activities promoting healthy living.

Parenting and Family Counselling Services

Provide guidance on parenting techniques, family counselling services, and resources for family support.

Children's Clothing and Toy Brands

Display the latest trends in children's clothing, toys, and games for all ages.

Food and Beverage Companies

Showcase family-friendly food and beverage products, snacks, and meal solutions.

Financial Services

Offer advice on financial planning, savings, and investment options tailored for families.

Family-oriented NGOs and Charities

Describe the service and how customers or clients can benefit from it. It’s an opportunity to add a short description with relevant details, like pricing, duration and how to book.

Technology and Gadgets for Families

Showcase gadgets, apps, and devices designed to enhance family communication, entertainment, and safety.

Arts and Crafts Suppliers

Display arts and crafts supplies, kits, and workshops suitable for family bonding activities.

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